corporate social responsibilityThe passage of the Companies Act 2013 in Parliament and the CSR mandate in this Bill underlies that Companies with a net worth of more than Rs.500/- crore or revenue of more than Rs.1,000/- crore or net profit of more than Rs.5 crore have been asked to spend at least 2% of their annual profit towards CSR.

It is clear from the provisions of the Act that the Government has adopted an inclusive growth strategy to implement CSR through corporate. The intention of the Bill is to seek the support of corporate to eradicate extreme hunger and poverty, promote education, enhance vocational skills and empower women. This is also an opportunity for Indian corporate to embrace a few large consensual projects that could make social commitments visible to all and demonstrate the fact that they do business responsibly. It is globally realised that promoting a responsible way of doing business actually improves the bottom-line.

FF creates business and social values, plans for community engagement, short, mid & long term strategic CSR roadmap. FF addresses the issue of supply chain for sustainability and creation of shared approaches.

These services hereby support the cross cutting areas of skills & livelihoods, education & empowerment, health & safety and environment and climate change, which complements FF’s key domain of expertise.