Research & Studies

Feedback Foundation also provides services for undertaking studies and researches of socio-economic significance in a wide variety of sectors - education, poverty reduction, social-inclusion, social infrastructure etc. The key organizational aim for undertaking these studies is to support the cross cutting areas of development, which compliment FF’s key domain of expertise.

Assessments & Feasiblity Studies

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Baseline & Endline Surveys

FF specializes in social research and in conducting surveys/research for various clients. FF has expertise in conducting Studies on sanitation, water, and other fields. FF uses a combination of qualitative research techniques such as focus group discussions and participatory research as well as quantitative research techniques. Social research deals with research on causes and issues that can contribute to action, which would bring about social change. Rural research pertains to research in, of and for rural areas for social issues.

Documentation Support

FF provides Project Documentation Service to NGOs/Trusts/Corporate Citizenship Teams and others in the area of Project Report, Annual Report, Case Studies and other required Documentation Service and support. FF also provides support in terms of photography and videography with a panel of the best experts in the country.

Evaluation Studies

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