Solid liquid waste management

Waste generation is an integral part of ecological cycle. Every element of ecosystem directly or indirectly produces waste. With the advancement in human activities, inventions and discoveries, the quantum of waste generation has gone high. It has not only increased in volume but also has become more and more complex in composition which cannot be decomposed completely through natural processes.

FF has taken up this gigantictask of waste management as an important responsibility where it covers all broad classifications of wastes, their status of generation, collection, treatment and disposal to a cleaner, healthier and economical atmosphere.

FF prepared a City Sanitation Plan for Nanded District along with Government of Maharashtra and focused on SWM in the cities of Nanded Wagala Municipal Corporation.

FF initiated in Solid waste management program along with InterGlobe Foundation (IGF) towards urban sanitation in Ward No 6 of Gurgaon slums.

FF has worked with DLF foundation in successfully implementing solid waste management of Sohna block, Gurgaon block and Manesar block of Gurgaon district.

FF organized a workshop on Solid Waste Management in 7 slum of South west district of Delhi slums along with Caddie.