About us

Feedback Foundation (FF) is the community engagement entity of Feedback Infra Private Limited which assesses administers and advocates community engagement in development projects. FF works closely with the four key proponents of development projects


  • Ensures change and collective social action.
  • Promotes ownership, collective resolution and commitment.
  • Maximizes social inclusion and social solidarity.
  • Generates a multiplier effect on human development outcomes over a period of time.
  • Government
  • Corporate
  • Multilateral Agencies
  • International NGOs

FF focuses on harnessing the power of “engaging communities” in development projects to bring about a sustainable change – physically, economically, socially and culturally leading up to a win-win solution for all stakeholders i.e. the investor and the beneficiary.

The main areas of FF ’s interventions include expansion projects (Resettlement and Rehabilitation based) in the industry sectors like, thermal power plant, steel plants, townships etc; rural and urban reform and development projects.


To improve lives by engaging and igniting communities and facilitating community action for development.


  • To maximize the potential residing within communities.
  • To build capacities of all stakeholders who impact directly or indirectly at community level
  • To facilitate demonstration of community action for development.
  • To facilitate scaling up of community action to larger developmental goals.