Handholding events

The objective of the hand holding support is to build the capacities of core group of field level team, for implementing the Community Approaches to Sanitation approach at the field level.The capacity of the core team is built through rigorous training in the principles and practices of community led approach and the trained resource is handheld during actual implementation on ground to sharpen their skills by supporting and supervising them on ground. The idea is to provide technical support in implementation of program initiatives to create demonstrable units of open defecation free communities by the communities themselves in a time bound manner and in the process build the capacity of the core team. Based on the learning from this demonstration, the government can suitably scale-up the approach across the district/state in different phases.
Feedback has provided handholding support in 2 districts of Odisha, where 62 villages have been facilitated to become ODF. This was supported by Govt. of Odisha. With support from UNICEF Odisha, FF was mandated to build the capacities of UNICEF project coordinators and DWSM through handholding support in Koraput district of Odisha to create Semiliguda block Open Defecation free.
FF in association with UNICEF Assam has piloted CLTS approach in Dibrugarh district of Assam to create Lahoal block Open Defecation Free. 5 GPs, including 40 wards, had attained ODF status. Based on the learning from Dibrugarh, FF has again been engaged to provide handholding support to create Lakwa block open defecation free in Sivasagar district. Now the district has owned up the entire process and driving the campaign on its own.
FF &UNICEF State Office in Rajasthan, demonstrated ODF creation in 25 GPs across 8 pilot blocks selected by UNICEF, to build the capacities of the respective DWSCs. In many of these assignments, developing contextualised capacity building modules has been one of major deliverables.
FF has also partnered with UNICEF Bihar to develop strategy for scaling up of SBM (R) in the state. Capacity building of the resources is most critical part of the assignment. Under this assignment, FF will facilitate about 20 workshops at state and divisional levels to train about 600 motivators across the state. This is capacity building. Handholding support is being provided in Khagria district to achieve ODF GPs in a sustainable manner.
Feedback has provided handholding support to the district administration of Dhar and Sehore to create Badnawar and Budni blocks respectively Open Defecation Free in MP. This was supported by State Govt. partly supported by UNICEF state office of MP.
UNICEF MP had engaged FF to create capacity state and divisional levels through TOTs and also to provide handholding support to the trained motivators in 10 districts.